"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance."

myONEEVENT was conceived and then developed with the single goal to change the digital marketing landscape. Our experience and research told us there was a gap in the market place. A gap created by advertising solutions that are heavy on upfront cost and payment and light on back end results. Our solution is one which you advantage from a very simple user pays system. A solution in which you gain results before paying a cent. A solution that is derived by our vision which places a higher priority on achieving your objectives than ours.

myONEEVENT's marketing strategy leaves no stone unturned in developing and delivering customers to your door. From sourcing, through engagement, retention and ultimately the provision of high quality, hot leads, our solution is unique and is set to become a market leader. We are different. As the Founder and Owner I do not hide from this fact. The fact we are different is precisely what we set out to achieve. We have taken the stock standard online directory and pumped it full of performance enhancing substances including our online magazine - OneMag and our World's First Virtual Wedding Planner, a service we provide users for free!

Creating a marketing solution for your wedding business that is out of this world.

There are many pieces to our marketing strategy's puzzle and we are proud to announce the launch of' ONESPIRATION'. Our online content which provides an avenue for our wedding photography partners to showcase their work and win new business through, as the name suggests, delivering inspiration to our users.

I invite wedding photographers worldwide, to plunge into it, take advantage of our free trial offer and join our dance to a new method of marketing your business.

Best regards,

Stewart Cook Founder & Owner - myONEEVENT.com


They are real wedding galleries, showcasing your work. Once you design and submit your gallery, we will list it on our website. Then using the power of our 1,000's of wedding vendors, we will market your work around the globe via Social Media, driving your branding and awareness through the roof! More eyes on your work = more sales. Would you like to see any example? View Victoria & Kevin's 'ONESPRIATION' gallery.

How do you submit a gallery?

All our photographers have FREE access until 31st May 2016, to submit as many galleries as you wish. We have purpose developed a gallery design tool for you to use, making it user friendly and fast to collate and submit your gallery.

What's in it for you?

  • Free exposure, our testing of this concept saw our first gallery viewed online by more than 300,000 users within the first 48 hours, with 2,500 users viewing the complete gallery online - and remember it is free until the May 31, 2016 ... what are you waiting for?
  • Professional presentation of your work, create galleries with our user friend image and copy block process.
  • Your business listing positioned at the top and bottom of your gallery, providing an easy contact link to you.
  • 100 FREE lead credits if you submit a gallery within the next 48 hours - not only drive awareness of your work, but get the leads for free ... could life be any better?

'viewed online by more than 300,000 users within the first 48 hours'

What should you do next?

  1. Grab yourself your favourite drink to enjoy whilst building your first 'ONESPRIATION' gallery
  2. Sit down at your PC and log into www.myoneevent.com
  3. Register your FREE listing or log in if you have already registered.
  4. Go to the 'ONESPIRATION' tab on the left hand side of your navigation bar within your SMI
  5. Start, compile and submit your first gallery

How much will it cost after my free trial ends?

Your free listing will run indefinately, so will all the galleries you submit prior to May 31, 2016. After this date, if you wish to submit more galleries, you will need to upgrade to Business Partnership, we provide you 2 options :

1. Upgrade to Business Partnership before May 31, 2016 (Once-off Payment)

After listing for free and trialling our solution, if you love what you see, you can upgrade for a once-off fee. This will provide you all the features of our marketing platform. It will also provide you the peace of mind, that you will only ever pay for advertising with myONEEVENT when we deliver you leads.

USA | USD$98Canada - CAD$98UK - GBP£98Ireland - EUR€98Australia - AUD$98New Zealand - AUD$98

Save 24% Year 1, save 100% every year, happily ever after ...

2. Upgrade to Business Partnber post May 31, 2016 (Weekly Partnership Payment)

From June 1, 2016, our once-off Business Partnership offer will end and Business Partnership, providing access to our complete marketing platform will be a weekly charge.

USA | USD$2.49Canada - CAD$2.49UK - GBP£1.79Ireland - EUR€2.49Australia - AUD$2.49New Zealand - AUD$2.49

You're invited to register free, trial our marketing solution & then decide ...