"It's not about ideas.
It's about making ideas happen."

Gone are the days of online metrics justifying advertising charges. It is time for you to stop paying for views and clicks and start paying for real leads, start paying for outcomes delivering customers, sales and profit to your business. When it comes to online marketing, the fewer clicks required by a user, the higher your chance is that they will sign on the dotted line. With MyOneEvent, the bride can connect directly with your business via your social media channels, website, email, phone or provide you with their name and contact information, all with a single click.

Our Microsite combines imagery, description, information and detail to heighten the bride's desire to engage with your business, of which we make this link even easier. We work for you and have meticulously ensured that our online platform removes any need for brides to have to make extra clicks to get in touch with you. After all, extra clicks only help our page rankings and don't directly grow your business, which is why our business model is unique and a proactive marketing solution catered specifically to empower growing our Business Partners' bottom line.

Every aspect of your Microsite is specifically designed to enhance the engagement and maximise the flow through of users directly to your business. Your Microsite will be hosted by the bride's selected Virtual Planner, who encourages them to get in touch with you and to provide you with a genuine lead with the bride's name and contact details.

Header Image

User friendly, full page image providing fast viewing and presentation of your pictures without any user requirement to zoom, click or expand.

Free Listing - Single Image
Business Partners - 20 Images
Gold Partners - 50 Images
Diamond Partners - 100 Images

Company Logo

Your logo is an integral component of your business's brand. Your microsite has been designed so as to deliver your logo as the heart of the layout.

The prominent logo position gives your business ownership of the page and plays a key role in building awareness of your brand and image.

Lead Generation

Hot, quality leads is our goal and these are sourced directly from your Microsite.

By capturing the lead at this point we can best ensure your paid leads are of the highest relevance and offer the greatest value for money and return on your investment.

Rotating Gallery

As a Business Partner with multiple images in your gallery, your Header Image will rotate every 3 seconds, ensuring the user is presented your full range of images when they select and view your microsite.

Users can user the scroll bar to navigate through your gallery.


Business Offer

Discounts and Special Offers always provide a positive uplift in customer engagement. With 24/7/365 access via your SMI, you can create and manage offers to assist you generate leads and interaction.

Users claiming your offer will have all their contact details emailed to you.

Customer Testimony

In additional to your comprehensive business description, your Microsite has the provision to include a client's reference.

Let your past couples win your next wedding. The story allows an opportunity to example what you do that really matters to your clients and helped make their big day truly so special.

Video Link

Online video usage is ever on the increase. What better way to drive desire for your business and engage prospective couples, than with a simple click to a video starring you and/or your business?

Videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo are only a click away via your Microsite.

Online Documents

Make your docs easy to access to potential couples. Menu Options, Terms & Conditions, Book Forms, the list goes, but all highly important for users looking for fast information.

Post your docs online and allow users fast access and even more reason to engage your business.