"An invention that is quickly accepted will turn out to be a rather trivial alteration of something that has already existed."

What makes you different from competitors?

We have developed myONEEVENT to achieve the challenges we found when advertising our wedding decoration business. Our marketing solution is based solely on our vision of providing a transparent, results based platform. One which drives business to our advertisers' doors, with no up-front costs or risky large investment of your marketing capital. Unlike traditional online directory, who passively wait for a user to request a search, our software pro-actively builds awareness and drives inspiration in your products/services, resulting in your business being showcased at the most appropriate point of the planning process. This creates not only an increase in quantity of leads, but ensures they are of the highest possible quality.

How does your system put me in contact with brides?

On your business's Microsite, there are a number of buttons we use to engage and encourage the user to contact your business (generate a lead). When a lead is generated, all the details of the lead will be emailed directly to your designated inbox.

What does your website do that would attract brides?

We have a number of features, however the primary one would be without any doubt our Virtual Planning software. Offered for free, it guides users through 500+ steps in planning their big day. It is interactive and responsive, providing a unique plan, specific to each individual user's needs. In a world where the big day must be perfect, myONEEVENT provides a free service available 24/7/365 which removes stress and anxiety and delivers the wedding day of the users dreams. Users can access their Virtual Planner on PC or via our APP.

What is Business Partnership?

There are only 2 levels of partnership within myONEEVENT, Free or Business Partnership. As a Business Partner you receive all the marketing features on your Microsite and also complete access to your Supplier Management Interface (SMI). As a Business Partner all your listings will be displayed as a Silver Advertising Partner. Business Partnership incurs a small once-off cost, which activates your Business Partnership for life. It does not expire and you are welcome to cease it at anytime you wish. There are no ongoing or further charges to remain a Business Partner.

How much does it cost to become a Business Partner?

During our 'Launch Period' we are offering wedding vendors the opportunity to become a Business Partner for a small once-off charge, as set out below :
United States | US$98
Canada | CAD$98
United Kingdom | £68
Ireland | €98
Australia | AUD$98
New Zealand | AUD$98

What is my Microsite?

Your Microsite is your Business's dedicated page within myONEEVENT, which is professionally designed and laid out to best present you to our users. First impressions count and we have spent a great amount of time researching and designing your Microsite to provide the best initial impact. As a Business Partner, your Microsite will include Image Gallery, Business Description, Client Testimony, Business Offer, YouTube/Vimeo Link, PDF Document Links, Social Media Links, Contact Information and planning tools for users to track details and reminders with your business.

What is my SMI?

We don't want you to be tied down by having to interact with us everytime you wish to make a change to your details or enhance your marketing strategy. Included in your Business Partnership is complete access to your secure SMI. Accessing via myoneevent.com, you will have 24/7/365 control of your Microsite and advertising solution.

How many categories can my business be listed in?

As a Business Partner as many as you like of the 500+ we have listed. As a Free Listing only 1.

Where will my business be listed geographically?

As a Business Partner wherever you wish in the world. We understand many directories restrict to regional, state or country borders. We understand some cities are closer to other states and countries and have the solution where by you can easily cross borders and make sales in your target market. This also allows you to spread your wings and trial new areas, that usually you would have to pay for and risk investment. As a Free Listing you can only list your business in 2 x Advertising Locations, across our 6 counties we have over 600 Advertising Locations to choose from.

What is Gold Advertising Partnership?

myONEEVENT offers Business Partners the opportunity to stand out from their competitors and upgrade their listing to Gold. This sees the listing moved above the Silver listings. There is a cost to do this, however with no risk to your business. To upgrade a listing to Gold you simply need to commit to a minimum of 2 leads per week. This commitment will see you secure a premium listing, ahead of other Silver advertisers, whilst having the assurance you will only pay for the improved position, should leads be generated. If no leads are generated from the improved position you pay nothing and hence we can assure your business no risk in taking up this premium listing position.

What is Diamond Advertising Partnership?

Diamond is the top of our search return page. In each Category / Location, the number of Diamond positions is limited to only 6, ensuring that it is not only premium but very prestigious. To secure a Diamond listing the minimum commitment is 5 leads per week. Again you are protected with only paying for the leads which we generate, meaning no leads, no pay. This allows you to take the premium 'Front Cover' position and only paying for results, with no risky exposure to your marketing capital.

What happens after I exceed my bid commitment?

Once you exceed your minimum lead commitment, your listing will remain in it's premium position and any leads generated will be provided free of charge. We are not greedy. We believe if you invest in something you should have an opportunity to have a greater return than expected. This system provides your 2 advantages, firstly you have the assurance of only paying for results and secondly if we over achieve you reap the benefits with no further costs -we think that's more than fair.

What is the No Lead - No Charge policy?

Your 100% peace of mind guarantee when marketing with myONEEVENT. If we don't deliver, you don't pay. My question to you, is what is stopping you taking up a Diamond Listing this very minute? You simply need to commit 5 leads per week, if we deliver you nothing, you pay nothing, if we deliver you 5 leads you will surely generate sales that exceed your marketing costs (US, Canada, Australian & New Zealand - $10, Uk £7.50 & Ireland €10). We are offering you the 'Front Cover' position with nothing to pay unless we deliver you results.

What is the lead bid system?

We have developed the lead bid system to assist businesses looking to get the advantage against their competitors. With the potential to have multiple business in a directory listing, the lead bid system allow you to get the higher position. Noting most users online will engage with the first handful of vendors on a search return, this can be quite advantageous to those looking to secure hot leads. As part of our lead bid system, we will show you live your position and allow you to decide how much you are willing to spend to gain the higher position and ultimately increase your engagement with potential customers. Remember all lead bids are protected by our No Lead - No Charge policy, where you only pay for the leads you receive.

What advantages do I get as a paying customer vs free?

Heaps, there are nearly too many to describe:

  • Full Access to your Supplier Management Interface
  • Complete range of Microsite features including, upgrade from 1 to 20 images in your gallery, generated leads being emailed to you, company logo, customer reference, video link, online business documents and catalogues and discount or promotion offer.
  • Option to contribute to OneMinute and AskTheExpert features.
  • Ability to upgrade listing to Gold and Diamond positions.

What do lead credits do?

As part of our Pre-Launch offer we are providing all businesses who become a Business Partner, credit up to the value of 200 leads. Lead credits provide you an opportunity to sample how the lead bid system works. This not only gives you a sample, it provides a great opportunity to earn your initial Business Partnership investment back before you are looking to bid for more leads and business.

What defines a lead?

A lead will see your business provided with a User's Name, Verified Email Address and Phone Number.

Where are you sourcing brides?

We engage users through a number of pathways, however we mainly focus on sourcing from social media and in fact use our Business Partners to assist. As part of the Virtual Planner, we offer a wide range of articles in our online magazine. Our strategy sees us offer lead credits to our vendors for sharing stories, articles and other features of interest.

How long have you been in business?

We commenced developing our Virtual Planning software in 2011, in February 2014 we launched oneevent.com.au, our prototype to test on the Australia market. Over the past 12 months we have been improving and further developing our Virtual Planning software for worldwide launch on NYE 2015. We have invested considerable time and money in designing and developing our Virtual Planning software and marketing solution and will continue to drive the necessary development to ensure our solutions meets and exceeds the expectations of our users and advertisers.

Where are you based?

We are based in Sydney Australia, we may be biased but think it to be one of the greatest places on Earth!

How many brides do you have on your website?

We are yet to launch our Virtual Planning software so at present have no users coming to our website. However unlike traditional digital advertising solutions, this is not a concern. Since we allow you to take up prime advertising real estate and only pay for the leads you receive, you have the confidence you will only be paying for results with myONEEVENT. With our competitors you are paying upfront, for past results and no guarantee of what you will receive in the future. We don't need to dazzle you with user and page view numbers, we simply say join us, list where you wish, set the budget which you are comfortable with and you will only ever pay AFTER we deliver you results.

Where can I see what the brides see?

You can find an example of the Microsite - www.myoneevent.com/microsite, alternatively once our Virtual Planner goes live on December 31st this year, you will be able to view your Microsite live online.

How many other businesses are in my region/area?

Unfortunately that is never a question we can provide a firm answer on. What we can assure is how we present your business amongst a large range of competitors. We first offer multiple listing levels. Diamond, our premium level, is exclusive to a maximum 6 businesses in your region. Diamond has a minimum commitment of 5 leads per week. Then next level is Gold, with a minimum 2 lead commitment Gold provides an opportunity to promote your business in front of the pack, whilst being just below Diamond listings. The next tier is Silver where all our Business Partners' listings are position. Within Diamond and Gold your business is offered respectively by you lead bid. This allows you to determine how much you are willing to pay for improved position. Remember all lead bids are protected by our No Lead - No Charge policy, where you only pay for the leads you receive. If you complete a Free Business Registration you will also be shown a proof of your Microsite on the complete of your free listing set-up.

How many other similar suppliers are signed up with you?

In the past weeks we have opened up registration for vendors across 6 countries. This has seen thousands of vendors take up both Free Registration along with Business Partnership. With the number of free registrations, the Business Partnership offer has become a popular option, as it gives a higher priority position over the free listings and for a very small once-off fee.

How does your billing work?

You will pay for your initial Business Partnership today, from then you will only pay for the leads which are generated. Our billing cycle is weekly, at the completion of each week, we calculate the amount outstanding and charge this to your nominate card details. Of course we won't be generating leads until after our Virtual Planner launch on NYE, so there will definitely be no further charges prior to them.

How often do you bill?

Weekly. The advantage for your business is you aren't being charged large month or quarterly bills. You also pay what you have received over the past week, not for large future charges, where results are yet to be delivered.

Can I pay via invoice?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any source of payment other than VISA and Mastercard. myONEEVENT has Global Sign EV certification for your protection and reassurance. Providing a fully automated payment systems allows our business to minimise costs, which in turn ensures a lower price back to our Business Partners. This system provides both our businesses more time doing what we are great at and less time worrying about payments.