In order to fully understand the needs of today's bride, we compiled extensive market research using in depth, globally reaching discussion groups, surveys and questionnaires. More than 1,500 brides joined us as we worked to understand exactly what a bride wants and needs when planning her dream day, and how vendors can participate successfully in that process.

This information provided us with key information, inspiration and ideas for helping us empower brides at every stage of the planning process. Our unique platform is customised specifically with this research in mind, and the information we compiled--along with continued feedback solicited from our brides currently using our software--ensures that our planning process is the most comprehensive and useful option available online for anyone planning their wedding, regardless of the theme, style or cultural background.

Most comprehensive ... online tool for anyone planning their wedding

MyOneEvent knows exactly how to help make every bride's dreams and desires come true, and we are here to help you understand precisely what the benefits of using our software will be to your online marketing strategy.

Each of our 1,500+ survey participants had already completed their wedding without the use of our Virtual Planner, and we asked them to re-plan their original wedding, using our planner, to gain valuable insight on what sets MyOneEvent apart.

Survey guidelines :

The results of the survey are in and they are staggering ...


When comparing the actual total brides spent on their big day with the total they spent after using MyOneEvent, their expenditure using our planner increased by an incredible 13%. For their real wedding, surveyed brides averaged an expenditure of US$34,590, this rose incredibly when using the Virtual Planner, to an amazing $39,086, an increase of $4,496 per wedding! That's nearly $5,000 more per wedding being injected into the wedding industry and market share your business needs to be taking advantage of.

An increase of $4,496 per wedding ... your business needs to be taking advantage

In simple terms what happened, our tool, which is designed to increase the desire and demand for our vnedors, WORKD! Brides started include more suppliers and spend more money when they use MyOneEvent. Through its extensive detail and ability to 'Add Sell' and 'Upsell', the Virtual Planner's interactive journey captures the attention of the bride and increases the categories she considers engaging with and purchasing from.


Our quest to build MyOneEvent was based on the premise of adding more vendors to each wedding. Let me explain. We set out to find out how we can provide each and every single wedding vendor an advertising platform where they have the greatest opportunity to showcase their products and/or services. We set out over 4 years ago to build this solution and are delighted the results are absolutely meeting and exceeding our original expectations in delivering this marketing option. With our online resource, brides are using on average 5 more vendors as part of their wedding when using our Virtual Planner.

Brides are using on average 5 more vendors ... when using our Virtual Planner

Why is that? MyOneEvent persuasively drives desire and demand for your business. This engagement with a wider range of vendors added an average of $1,920 in expenditure per wedding. The vendors who will be able to take advantage of our services for the most are exactly those who we originally set out to help with our marketing solution.

The survey showed, when planning their real wedding, our brides engaged an average 28 suppliers. The most common vendors used were the Venue, Photographer, Officiant, Florist, Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dress suppliers, Formal Wear, Car and Jewelers. Outside of this list, their use and engagement of suppliers wasn't as consistent across every wedding, which means that every bride didn't consider using every supplier option without the assistance of our Virtual Planner. When asked to consider planning their big day again, our brides increased their participating supplier to an average 33! We concentrated their attention on vendors at the most appropriate time and as a result added more vendors to each wedding.


Looking at their real wedding, 34% of our brides went over budget when planning their big day. The effects of using MyOneEvent, saw this number dramatically rise to 65% of the brides exceeding their original budget.

Our first question to those who went over budget was, 'Were you happy to exceed your budget?' Their most popular response was, 'Yes - in doing so we ensured everything we have dreamt for our wedding, was included.' With our comprehensive Virtual Planner, we not only helped brides source vendors for all areas they wanted, we interrupted their planning process with previously unthought-of ideas. With their heightened desire for products and services, our brides engaged more vendors and spent more money!

Our brides engaged more vendors and spent more money!

Withing MyOneEvent brides are provided a personal budget tool, which not only tracks spend, it also encourages it. When she first registers, we distribute the bride's anticipated budget across the entire wedding, allowing her to see exactly how her budget is allocated to each facet of the planning process.

This approach is immensely useful to our brides but also ensures an increase in spend for our vendors through the planning process. We turn the planning process on it's head by showing how much she should be spending, across categories, versus showing how to take money out of the process.

In other words, we help increase the size of the cake AND the number of portions!


Our mission was to develop a marketing platform that not only advantaged all vendors to the wedding industry, but to also make one that was easily managed by our partners and affordable to everyone.

We are proud and confident MyOneEvent is an option for your business that meets each of these goals.

Our Supplier Management Interface (SMI) gives you 24/7/365 access to your marketing solution. Providing you options and giving you the power over how, where and when you showcase your business.

Most importantly we are proud we can offer this solution to you for as little as $1.29 per week. Too many advertising options promise the world and charge with the same philosophy. MyOneEvent is a small investment, with a large scope of potential, for those businesses who wish to not only partner us, but also partner our brides too.

We look forward to commencing a partnership with you ...